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At a Glance, Know Exactly What All Your Friends Are Up-to, At the Moment

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Are you at a #Nightout or maybe you are home and #Sick, give your Friends updates of how that is going, post pictures and reply to their comments on your #Nightout vibe or whatever #vibe you may have to make whatever you are up-to even more fun and interactive. 

Let your Friends know what you #Vibe is, at the moment. Take Your Pick and post the vibe most relevant to you at any time. Are you #Celebrating, #Busy or in a #Bar? Just post to your Friends and let them know whatsup!

Tell Us Anything, Everything and Let Us Keep You in the Loop!

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Find Friends who Share the Same Vibe with You

About Us

Interact with Your Friends with Updates, Comments and Pictures

doVibe is a social platform built for android and iOS platforms by Vibe Labs Ltd; a Ugandan startup founded by two brothers guided and supported by two exceptional Mentors, with the aim of providing a novel approach to social networking by allowing people to connect at a more deeper, meaningful and exciting level while bringing context and fun to the world of networking.

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Easily find your friends who happen to be doing what you are doing at the moment and interact with each other relevantly. Maybe you are all #Cooking, or watching a sports game on #T.V or you just #Bored, find each other and then interact in context.

Nudge Your Friends To Prompt them To-Do Sth

Share and Know; Like Mrs. Weasley(Harry Potter) and Her Clock, Exactly What You and Your Friends are Doing, In the Moment.

Tell Your Friend, to Tell His Barber, to Tell...

Share With Your Friends Exactly What You Are Doing at the Moment

Spin the Wheel while checking out each of your Friend's Vibes to know exactly what they are doing at the moment. 

Know when Sam is at #Work, Jane on a #Date, Philip in #Church or when Dan needs #Help.


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Do you want to get an Update of your friend's vibe, or maybe a picture Update of that vibe, or maybe you just want to know your friend's actual current fresh vibe, just nudge them and prompt them to;

  • Create a Vibe Update
  • Post a Picture Update
  • Post a Fresh Vibe

You can take it up a notch with a Question Nudge for a Quick Yes/Maybe/No from your friends; Like "Are you Home?" or "Did you find my jacket?" or "Dinner. My Place. Tonyt. Am Cooking. U in?"

So no more texts like "Hey, whatsup? Waht are you doing now?" Just Nudge